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JABP by Malcolm Bryant

Our cross-platform personal finance program for Psion, Nokia 9210/9290, UIQ2, UIQ3, Sharp Zaurus, iPAQ, Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux (Phew!).

You can see some screenshots of Jabp running on both a PC and a P990 from here.

Note: due to the very small user base, we are no longer including separate builds of Jabp for legacy UIQ and EPOC devices. For any users of legacy devices wishing to upgrade, please contact the author.

JABP downloads:
   Release  UIQ2  2.44  2013-04-01  by Malcolm Bryant
   Release  Communicator 92xx  2.44  2013-04-01  by Malcolm Bryant
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.44  2013-04-01  by Malcolm Bryant
   Release  UIQ3  2.44  2013-04-01  by Malcolm Bryant
   Release  Desktop software  2.60  2015-01-16  by Malcolm Bryant

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