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JabpLite by Malcolm Bryant

JabpLite The idea behind JabpLite has been to write a personal finance program which will work on a range of devices including Symbian phones, Blackberry and Android. JabpLite has many features to help you keep track of your finances, for example:

  • Multiple accounts
  • Default and user-defined categories
  • Regular transactions (ie. save the transactions you do regularly)
  • Track your investments
  • Standing Orders (yearly, monthly, daily with any frequency), automatically generated on the due dates
  • Future Balance calculations (see if you will have enough money to last until pay day!)
  • Net worth calculation
  • Top ten expense categories (see where your money is going!)
  • Foreign currency accounts with automatic revaluation when FX rates change
and much more.

JabpLite comes with synchronisation, import and export features to exchange data with a PC via a memory card. You can import or export QIF files to work with other PC-based financial programs. In particular we recommend Jabp, which is included in the main distribution zip. You can also backup your data and, when the time comes, move it onto your next phone!

A user manual for JabpLite is available from here.

Some screenshots of JabpLite running on a Nokia 5800:

Accounts View

Categories View

Investments View

Standing Orders View

Transactions View

Future Balance View

Net Worth View

JabpLite downloads:
   JAR only  Java Generic MIDP2 phone  2.00  2015-01-01  by Malcolm Bryant
   JAR only  Java Generic MIDP1 phone  1.11  2007-12-02  by Malcolm Bryant
   Full ZIP inc. documentation  All Java mobile phones  2.00  2015-01-01  by Malcolm Bryant

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