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SF Cave by Ewan Spence

SF Cave is proof you don't need manuals as thick as a Tom Clancy novel, or controls that need four sides of A4 paper to get moving. With one key (thrust), SF Cave will take you into the Danger Zone of addictive gaming. Originally written by SunFlat (hence the SF), this Symbian OS conversion by Ewan Spence and FreEPOC shows you don't need fancy graphics and depth - you just need a good idea.

SF Cave running on the Nokia Communicator.

SF Cave is a simple game at heart. Don't crash into anything. The floor of the cave, the roof of the cave, or the mysterious hovering monoliths. But bound up in this idea is a series of heart stopping balancing to get through a tiny gap, or large soaring arcs as the floor of the cave drops away from you and you pray that gravity will pull you down faster than the roof is approaching you. You'll need a steady hand and nerves of steel to get onto the internet High Score table.

Visit the SF Cave website, http://sfcave.symbiandiaries.com/

Described by one Beta Tester as "the world's first offline online game," SF Cave doesn't just challenge you to fly as far as you can into the Cave, but also lets you pit your skill against every other 9210 owner. Using MD5 Encryption (developed in OPL by Robin 'Dazler' Talboom), you can submit your High Score and a Confirmation Code to the SF Cave Website. Just how far up the Top 10 can you get?

SF Cave downloads:
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.00  2003-05-28  by Ewan Spence

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